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How many surveys can you expect to receive?

Please do not get discouraged if surveys don't coming flooding in as soon as you sign-up. There are many factors that influence when and how often you will receive a survey opportunity. Be patient, and before you know it you'll have plenty of surveys to keep you occupied.

How much money can you make?

This is completely up to you.  The more you work, the more you will earn.  Many new members start working part-time so that they can learn the process and which companies to work with.  Many members then move to a full-time basis where it becomes their primary source of income.

Do any of the sites on your list charge for participation?

Absolutely not. I will not add a site if it charges for participation, in fact, any true market research company is prohibited by the Marketing Research Association of charging for participation. Also, this list will always be available for FREE.

Will you get a lot of junk mail from signing up to all of these?

No, you will receive very little junk mail as a result of signing up. There are several sites that will send reminders or newsletters, but these are options that can be selected.

OK, so you've registered to take surveys, what next?

Check your email often, jump on the surveys as soon as you can so they don't fill up before you have a chance to take them. Tell your friends, you can gain extra incentives by sending invitations to your friends - MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SPAMMING. Be active, make sure to check those sites which have opportunities on their webpage. Be sure you check your accounts, you won't get paid by some of these sites unless you cash out.

Want to make more money?                                                                                              You probably won't get rich doing online surveys but we do recommend a couple of programs that can significantly increase your income. These two systems are very effective but are distinctly different.

Recommendation #1 - Legit Online Jobs

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Legit Online Jobs has been the #1 Work at Home Program for over 5 years.  This is because they program is very thorough and many members earn very good money using the system. But there is some risk involved.  They do a great job teaching how to master the program and minimize risk and the material is thorough and comprehensive. Members average approximately $2,000 per week. CLICK HERE

Recommendation #2 - Real Writing Jobs


Real Writing Jobs offers a huge variety of online writing jobs that anyone can do. All that you need is a computer and Internet access.  You don't need to have experience and all training is provided.  You can start earning almost immediately and you can join from any country.  Members average about $150-$200 per day. CLICK HERE


Paid Survey Tips

Tip 1: Before you start signing up for paid surveys, download a program called Roboform. You can download a free trial here Roboform. The free trial will work fine for signing up for paid survey sites. This program will store information such as your name, email, etc.. and will save you a ton of time when signing up for survey sites or anything else. It will also save your login names and passwords so you won't need to remember them all, but only up to so many on the free trial. I would recommend upgrading to the full version of Roboform, as it will remember all of your logins and passwords, but it is not necessary.

Tip 2: Signup with as many paid survey sites as you feel comfortable with and are interested in.

Tip 3: Fill out the "Profiles" for any sites that offer them. Filling out the profiles increases your odds of being selected for a paid online survey.

Tip 4: Don't be discouraged if the compensation for a paid survey is a drawing. Most of these sites limit the number of recipients per drawing and there's usually quite a few prizes, your odds are usually pretty good and the rewards can be higher.

Tip 5: Check your email often for invitations. If you wait to long a survey may be closed before you are able to participate.

Tip 6: Be honest. As you start taking these surveys, you'll realize that these are real companies looking for honest feedback on their products. You have an opportunity to influence those products.

Tip 7: Be sure to login to free paid survey sites that accumulate points and/or cash. You will want to check your balance from time to time and cash out when you can.

Tip 8: Login to those sites that offer non-invitation surveys and/or other activities to accumulate more points/cash. These would include; It Pays to Learn, Memolink, Greenfield Online, HotSpex and SixQuestions, no waiting for an invitation.

Tip 9: Tell your friends. Certain sites like Survey Savvey and NFO My Survey offer extra incetives for referring people to their site.


There really is no secret to gaining success in paid surveys. There are tips however, for a participant to follow. Anyone can join but not everyone can achieve the success that others are gaining. So if you are a newbie in paid surveys, here are some tips for you to follow to gain success and earn money:

1. Understand the meaning

If you want to earn more, you have to understand and know about the concept of paid surveys in order to have knowledge of what you are about to enter. Gather information about paid surveys to know if you will like the type of job it offers or not. Research is a key factor that you must understand and go through in order to avoid scam and illegitimate sites. As discussed in previous sites, you should consider joining in forums to further learn more about paid surveys.

2. Only join the legitimate and known sites

Part of your success will be by joining sites that are all legitimate, no funny business involved, which is why you need to do a research before you join any site to prove its legitimacy so that your efforts will not be wasted. Also consider joining in sites that offer surveys that are of interest to you and suit you in terms of gender and age so that you get to enjoy what you are doing. Also join as many sites as you can so you het a lot of surveys thus earning you more money.

3. Organize yourself

When you register for multiple providers, make sure that you create a separate folder for each company so you won't mix them up. Fill it up with the most honest, decent, well though out answers you can answer and submit it on time according to the deadline so that you build up a good impression and reputation with the providers. Set a couple of hours per day to answer surveys so that you could answer several in just a day.

4. Be adventurous

Participate in different types of surveys. There are electronic surveys, focus groups, telephonic surveys and many more. This will increase your knowledge on the types of paid surveys out there and you will have more experience with paid surveys which will get you more invitations.

Also join different types of paid surveys that offer different methods of payment other than cash. There are reward points, sweep stake and raffles, coupons and vouchers and many more. In this way, you will be able to benefit from all the rewards.

5. Just have fun

Finally, remember to have fun in what you are doing so you get a chance to enjoy your work and not get tired of it.

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