How do I get started?

First, be sure to review the main Members Area page HERE.  It is important that you follow all the suggested steps so that you can become familiar with the Members Area and start to build a strong foundation for your success. 

Why should I set up a separate email account?

This is not required, however, you will start to receive many emails from a variety of sources pertaining to paid surveys and it will help you be more organized. Many survey companies are affiliated with one another and you will see your email volume increase drastically after 30 days or so. 

Do I really need Roboform?

Utilizing Roboform is not required, however, it is highly suggested.  This will save you a lot of time once you become familiar with the tool.

There are so many surveys in the Members Area. Which surveys should a do first?

You will find approximately 200 survey opportunities in the Members Area plus all of the bonuses.  Start wherever you prefer but be sure to register will as many as possible. It may take a few days to get through them all but it will pay off in the end.

What type of surveys will I be doing?

There are many different kinds of surveys.  The most common are surveys for new products and services.  Some surveys are for product development & research and some are for product or service improvements. There are also surveys asking about you and your likes, dislikes, needs and/or ideas.

Which surveys have the highest pay-out?

Available surveys change daily so there's no way of knowing which are offering the highest pay-out at any given time.  This is another reason why it is important to register with all or as many as you can.

Where are the surveys for my country?

You can begin searching for surveys in your country HERE.  Remember, however, that there are many other surveys available in ALL COUNTRIES listed HERE as well.

How can I find more surveys that are available in my country?

We add new survey opportunities based on demand.  If you do not see many that are available in your country, please email us at globalsurveys@nextgenpaidsurveys.com

We will research your specific needs and find valid surveys for you.

Why haven't I received an survey requests?

Your patience will pay off. Please keep in mind that these companies receive a lot of new applicants. You'll need to be patient at first and be sure to respond to any and all correspondence and survey requests even if the pay-out is small or just points.  This will soon put you on the top of the list since they want serious members only.

How can i reduce the number of survey requests I receive?

Please email us at membersupport@nextgenpaidsurveys.com and we will assist in reducing the number of requests that you receive. We caution you, however, that you reduce or eliminate only if absolutely necessary. Once you remove yourself, it is more difficult to get back on top of the list.

What happens if i ignore survey requests?

If you chose to simply ignore survey requests, you will eventually be removed from their queue and you will not receive surveys. We highly recommend that you DO NOT ignore any survey request regardless of the pay-out.

How often are new surveys added in the Members Area?

We update the Members Area with new opportunities as they become available. We also send email notifications to members who have requested to be added to one of the notifications email lists HERE.

How many surveys should I expect to receive?

This varies depending on your country of origin and the number of surveys you register with. During the initial 30-60 days, you may not see much activity, however, if you are diligent in registering for surveys and respond to any and all requests, you should see the volume increase considerably.

Who do I send inquiries to regarding my earnings?

Every survey company pays you directly so you will need to contact them with any questions or concerns.  If you need help finding contact information, please send use an email at membersupport@nextgenpaidsurveys.com and we will should be able to assist.

How Do I Request a Refund if I Am Not Happy?

Of course our goal is to help you be successful and we will assist you to insure that you realize the benefits of our program so that you can make some extra money working from home.  If you decide that this is not for you, you can request a refund. Refund requests must be initiated through ClickBank. Your original receipt includes instructions on how to open a support/refund request ticket.  If you can not locate your original ClickBank receipt, you will need to contact them directly to have a duplicate emailed to you.

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