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Here are several survey directories where you will find hundreds of additional paid survey opportunities. 

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Survey Say

It's easy! Join for free by completing the short sign up form. The information you provide helps us match you with survey companies that fit your profile. After joining, you’ll see a personalized list of companies that want to reward you for taking surveys. The more free survey companies you join, the more you can earn!


Free Paid Surveys

Free Paid Surveys is a complete paid online survey guide built specifically for you - the paid survey taker. Unlike other sites, Free Paid Surveys is dedicated to providing you with honest, straight forward, complete information on paid online survey taking. We not only have a survey directory of over 300 free paid survey sites, but we provide in depth information on each site, paid survey reviews submitted by our visitors, helpful general information, news, articles and a free paid survey forum which is next to none. To see the Free Paid Surveys difference, browse through the Paid survey info and tips page and take a look around the Free paid survey forum to see what our users have to say.

Get Paid Surveys  

Survey panels have long been a great way for companies to learn about potential customers. Traditionally, companies would enlist agencies to help them recruit respondents, which was both expensive and time consuming. These days, most of this work is done online. Now, rather than paying agencies, companies pay consumers “directly” for their opinions. These “direct” relationships are administered through affiliate networks who get paid to aggregate the results and pay the respondents. is your 100% FREE Surveys Guide. Sign-up for surveys and earn cash, test products and win prizes. Subscribe to our newsletter for survey updates and exclusive offers.

Which Surveys?

Did you know you can get paid $10 to $150 dollars an hour (or often the equivalent in your local currency if you're not a US resident) filling out surveys and questionnaires, participating in market research and focus groups, trying out new products and visiting web sites? 

Yellow Surveys

Wherever you live whether it’s in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or elsewhere in the world, there are paid surveys available online. brings the best of these paid surveys directly to you, in a fuss free and easy format. Make sure your opinion counts and get paid to participate in online paid surveys.

My Survey 1-2-3

The International Paid Survey Directory lists survey sites that are open to all countries. All survey company sign-up links will open in a new window so that you may come back to the next one when finished with the current one.  

Online Surveys Paid

Free Paid Surveys Online Directory since March, 2003 provides real, fresh information about hundreds of free paid online surveys, polls, and focus groups provided by market research companies along with detailed reviews and descriptions for each program. 

Home Business Directory

Have you ever filled out a survey? Sure you have.

Have you ever been paid for it? Not likely. But you could be with paid online surveys.

Imagine earning money while working at home on your computer, taking online surveys for cash, paid phone surveys or participating in focus groups.

Imagine having a job that allows you to set your own hours, accept the tasks you want, turn down the ones you don't, and work whenever it suits you. And no boss breathing down your neck! 

Survey Inferno

If you have been searching for a legitimate paid survey directory,  you can find the most extensive list of paid survey companies below! We, at Survey Inferno have gone to great lengths and have spent many hours testing each of the companies we list below so you can sign up, take paid surveys, and be confident that you will get paid with each completed survey. We offer this comprehensive list as a free service to you.

Survey Bounty

Get paid for taking online surveys - anyone can do it!

It's easy: survey companies are hired by corporations to conduct studies. These market researchers need consumers to be part of their survey panels (that's you!) and in exchange for taking their surveys, they will reward you with cash, prizes, and more.

There's no catch to take paid surveys and best of all, it's FREE!!!

Paid Surveys Directory

If you've been looking for a listing of all the top paid surveys sites on the Internet, you've come to the right place! We regularly search the Internet to bring you the latest and best online surveys and market research firms that pay cash for participation in their online survey projects! Signup with all of the paid surveys sites below to make as much money as you can.  All of the surveys and paid survey sites we feature at the Paid Surveys Directory are absolutely FREE to join - there is never any charge to signup with these great market research firms and the more paid surveys you participate in, the more opportunities for you to make money from surveys!FREE

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Find Paid Surveys

Welcome, we have created this website in order to help users find free paid surveys that match their requirement and location. Paid surveys are a great way to supplement one’s income. Paid surveys can be most effectively used when you have signed up with a diverse base of programs in order to receive the maximum amount of surveys possible. 

Free Paid Survey World

Welcome to Free Paid Surveys Directory. Paid surveys are a great way to earn money online. Market research companies are looking for people to take online surveys about various topics and products. For completing these surveys, you get rewards in the form of cash, gifts and sweepstake entries. You might want to know, why they would reward your opinion and how best to utilize the paid surveys opportunity.

Your Free Surveys

Taking Online Surveys in your spare time is a great way to make some extra money - and taking online surveys can be a lot of fun too. We've helped 1000s of people get paid for surveys, and would love to have you join us. Grab a free paid surveys membership and you can get started right now …

Vindale Research

Get paid to review products

  • Review products and take simple online surveys
  • Make a difference by sharing your opinion
  • Receive up to $75 per survey
  • Keep the products you review
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