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The NextGenPaidSurveys Network is dedicated to providing straight-forward honest and, most importantly access to FREE online surveys that pay you directly. Here you'll find a completely free listing of some of the best, and our favorite, paid online survey sites, some great information about paid surveys, some helpful tips and advice, and resources you can use for years to come.

Getting paid to complete surveys is nothing new.  Companies around the world have been paying for the opinions of consumers for years.  Compensation can come in many different ways, however, NextGen Paid Surveys focuses on monetary compensation so that our members can work at home and earn extra money.

What Makes the NextGen Paid Surveys Network Different?

First, we are not a paid survey service but rather a paid survey network.  We do not directly solicit workers and do not pay you directly.  We serve as a central portal where our members can access the best online survey opportunities and we only work with legitimate services. You will find ratings, descriptions and other important information on every free survey service provider to help you maximize your earnings.


How to Begin

Step 1: (This step is optional) The very first thing you should do is set your own domain and new email address that you will use specifically for these paid surveys. You do not want to use your primary email address. You will receive a lot of survey requests  and it is best to keep them separate. 

We highly recommend that you set up an account at GDI.  Here you will have your own domain, email and many other great features.  GDI also offers an amazing and effective money making program that will supplement your income.  Register Here


Step 2: (This step is optional) I also highly recommend you download and get familiar with Roboform, a free software program that allows you to automate the entire registration process. It reduces the time it takes to fill out the forms, register with companies, and take the surveys. It will even remember all your user names and passwords that you create! 

You can download it for FREE HERE

There is no need to upgrade to the Pro version.


Step 3: Now the fun begins.  This step can be somewhat time consuming but your efforts will pay off in the end.  We strongly suggest that you start by registering with all of our Preferred Survey Directories.  These directories will give you access to literally hundreds of paid survey opportunities.  Once you complete this step, you will begin to receive information regarding a variety of survey opportunities sent directly to your inbox. It is very important to respond to all inquiries and invitations so that you can establish yourself as an interested and serious survey agent.  Some surveys may not seem to worth your time, however, you should participate regardless.

CLICK HERE to access our Preferred Survey Directories.


Step 4: Click on the Paid Surveys List link on the top navigation bar where you will find approximately 200 survey opportunities. We suggest that you register with all companies.

(please note many of these surveys are included in the Preferred Survey Directories


Step 5: You will also find a Recently Added Surveys link where you can quickly access the newest surveys in one place.  You should register with all of these surveys as well.


Step 6: Check out the Extras where you will find helpful information and some great tips to help you maximize your earnings.


Step 7: Take a look at the Bonus Opps where you can be paid to read emai, shop & eat or drive your car.


Step 8: Try our new Top Surveys By Country page where you can quickly locate some of the most popular surveys available in your home country. We're adding new countries and listings regularly so be sure to check back at least once per month.


Need Help?

We are here to assist and we want to make sure that you experience the benefits of our paid surveys program. Be sure to review our Member's FAQ page for answers to common questions:

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